The Toad Creek Ramblers
  • Keith Brintzenhoff
  • Mike Hertzog
  • Mitch Miller
  • Bob Pongracz, or
  • Dave Kline, or
  • Ken Gehret
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The Toad Creek Ramblers perpetuate old time musical traditions. They play a variety of instruments, including fiddle, banjo, guitar, autoharp, and bass. They specialize in old-timey, folk, country, gospel, bluegrass and hoedown music.

The Toad Creek Hex Sign (nice froggy)

The Toad Creek Ramblers ARE:

  • Keith Brintzenhoff
  • Mike Hertzog
  • Mitch Miller
  • Bob Pongracz, or
  • Dave Kline, or
  • Ken Gehret

They can be booked for all kinds of affairs, from private barn dances to public festivals.

Keith is an expert on Pennsylvania German music, dance, instruments, and folklore. He plays a variety of string instruments, tells some of the world's best stories and jokes, and does lively kid's shows. He calls and teaches hoedowns, and leads the Toad Creek Ramblers (who play an even greater variety of instruments, as there are more of them.)

At Christmas, he IS the Belsnickel, the Pa. German Santa Claus.

If you are going to introduce Keith, or just want to learn more about the man behind the beard, you should Click Here to Get The Whole Story!



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Dr. Witzelsucht, PA Dutch Comedian

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Lyons Fiddle Fest - Sunday Sept 21, 2008

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Toad Creek Duo
Half the band for half the price! More jokes and stories with autoharp, guitar, and banjo or fiddle. Almost too much fun for only two guys!

PA Dutch Music and Folklore
From mostly educational to mostly entertaining, see and hear in person the music, instruments, and dance of the Pennsylvania Germans, using guitar, autoharp, mountain dulcimer, banjo, spoons, nose flute (?), and a few others. Edification, entertainment, and amazement with stories and songs.

Have a private or public hoedown/square dance/barn dance with live music (or CD). Simplified instructions to complex dances, small or large groups, good in school programs.


Photo Of Keith as the BelsnickelThe PA Dutch Santa Claus, a mean and cranky old guy, with switch and a bag of goodies. Just like they did it in the good old days, spoken in PA Dutch (with English translation.)

Heavy on the acting, light on the humor.

Can also include a reading of the hilarious PA Dutch "Night Before Christmas" (in English), and/or a reading of the ORIGINAL translation of "'Twas the Night Before Christmas," in PA Dutch, done in 1880 Reading.

Kids Programs
Lively songs and stories for kids young and old. Old and new songs, easy to hard, some you'll never forget. Accompanied on banjo, autoharp, guitar or a cappella Kids love the songs, adults love the humor.

School Programs
We can customize a program to include all or any of the above in a age/grade/educationally appropriate manner. (Did we mention Keith is also an experienced School Teacher?)

What folks are saying!

"As a middle school guidance counselor I would recommend Keith Brintzenhoff to any school. He is filled with enthusiasm and fun. We found his program age appropriate and completely student centered. Middle schoolers respond to his upbeat attitude and can easily follow his square dance "calls." Everyone came away from his assembly with a smile -- students and teachers alike!"

Hallie Schumacher
KAMS Guidance Counselor

"Keith Brintzenhoff has been participating in Colonial Day each year... His presentation keeps the children actively involved... Often times the day after the students will share how much they liked his presentation. I enjoy (it) just as much as the children do because he relates to them so well and makes our Pennsylvania history interesting to everyone."

Julie Guldin
Richmond Elementary School
Fleetwood Area School District

"Keith Brintzenhoff is an expert on Pa. German music, instruments, and dance. Not only can he explain and relate information about them, but he can sing,play,and dance, wherever appropriate. He is very entertaining, as well as informative.He is fluent in the language itself, and well-versed in the culture, customs, and folklore. He can present a variety of related programs, all of which are accurate, interesting, and educational."

David L.Valuska,Ph.D.
director emeritus, Pa. German Cultural
Heritage Center at Kutztown University
Professor of History, emeritus

"Keith, that was great!"

Don Yoder, Ph.D.
University of Pennsylvania
Professor emeritus (
after a program on the Seminar
Stage at the Kutztown Pa. German Festival,July,2003)

"I have been directly involved in education for more than 30 years and Mr. Brintzenhoff does a job that is both unique and professional. He is an adept caller at sqaredancing, and he too is a trained educator. The uniqueness of his performance is special, and it is special because it maximizes student participation. I have been to nearly every kind of cultural, academic, musical, artistic, athletic, and social event held at public schools, and never have I seen so much positive enthusiasm and willingness to participate on the part of the student body."

Al Machamer
Kutztown Middle School Teacher and
Former High School Principal

"Mr. Brintzenhoff's knowledge of the dialect and his varied array of instruments is second to none. He puts on quite a show, one of wit, entertainment and lore."

Dave Remaley
Program Director
Kutztown Area Historical Society

"We have used Keith and his band (Toad Creek Ramblers) on many occasions. They present a terrific show with a variety of music. He and his group are wonderful entertainers."

Lee Haas
President Of Large
PA German Lodge

"Keith is a terrific Belsnickel! His authentic costume, props and Pennsylvania Dutch accent made his performance real to my third graders. They were surprised, amused and even a little scared when he entered the room with his bag of treats and his switch demanding to know who had been bad and who had been good. The children really enjoyed his characterization."

Nancy Bowman
Grade 3 Teacher,
Kutztown Elementary

"For years, Keith Brintzenhoff has entertained the students at Rockland Elementary with upbeat musical programs. His unique sense of humor and sing-a-longs totally engage the students. We always welcome opportunities for Keith to come to Rockland!”

S. Kaye Smith
Rockland Elementary


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